Chakra Book

The Chakra Project

How the healing power of energy can transform your life by Georgia Coleridge.




I’m delighted to announce my new book on chakras has be published. My publishers have done a wonderful job, and it’s packed with stunning, full-colour photographs.

The chakra system is an energy map, connecting your body and soul.

RED BASE CHAKRA – can help you to strengthen your physical body

ORANGE SACRAL CHAKRA – nourish creativity,

YELLOW SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA  – fire-up motivation,

GREEN HEART CHAKRA -nurture love and connection

BLUE THROAT CHAKRA – inspire self-expression,

PURPLE THIRD EYE CHAKRA – clarify your intuition

VIOLET CROWN CHAKRA  – help your spirituality to shine.

When the energy in all your chakras is flowing, you feel rooted, connected and joyful.


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