House and Land Healing

Does your home need healing?

Your home should feel safe and comfortable.

But if something doesn’t feel right, it can make you and your family tired, ill and anxious. If you suspect you’ve got a ghost or your property won’t sell, do contact me.

I have had experience of healing all sorts of properties, from small London flats to large country houses. By clearing oppressive energy and shadows, they immediately felt happier and lighter. Two flats, which simply wouldn’t shift for months, sold immediately after my visit.

These sessions tend to take between 3 hours and a full day, depending on the scale and challenge.  

My approach is practical and reassuring, but very effective. The first step is to call or email me, and we can chat about what you might need.

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I can’t believe it! I had TWO firm offers for the flat, the day after you came!

The house feels so much lighter. I no longer want to move.

My son’s room feels so much better, thank you. What a fascinating experience.